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Malaysian and Thai Foods

Spice Can Not be Alter


(Please specify Malaysian or Thai Style)
MT-1. Chicken Skewer 7.95
MT-2. Shrimp Skewer 9.95

Noodles & Fried Rice

MT-3. Pad Thai Noodles
Shrimp or Chicken
MT-4. Thai Ho Fun
Shrimp or Chicken
MT-5. Thai Rainbow Delight 11.95
MT-6. Thai Fried Rice 11.95
MT-7. Singapore Chow Mei Fun 11.95
MT-8. Malaysian Fried Rice 11.95

Malaysian Dishes

Served w. White or Brown Rice
spicy MT-9. Sambal Chicken 13.95
spicy MT-10. Sambal Beef 14.95
spicy MT-11. Sambal prawns 15.95
spicy MT-12. Sambal Bean Curd 12.95
spicy MT-13. Sambal Seafood 16.95

Thai Soups

spicy MT-14. Spicy Shrimp Soup 10.95
spicy MT-15. Spicy Fish Soup 10.95
MT-16. Chicken Coconut Soup 10.95
spicy MT-17. Spicy Silver Noodle w. Seafood 11.95

Over Rice Platter or Noodle Soup

spicy MT-18. Curry Chicken 9.95
spicy MT-19. Curry Beef 9.95
spicy MT-20. Curry Shrimp 10.95

Malay & Thai Dishes

Served w. White or Brown Rice
MT-21. Coconut Chicken 14.95
spicy MT-22. Thai Style Spicy Chicken Fillet 14.95
spicy MT-23. Thai Style Sa-Thai Flavored Beef 14.95
spicy MT-24. Authentic Thai Curry or Malaysian Curry
Chicken $13.95 / Beef $14.95 / Prawns $15.95 / Three Delight $16.95 / Seafood $17.95