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Special Diet Menu

All dishes are free from fat, sugar, corn starch or M.S.G., Sauce on the side
Served w. White or Brown Rice

D1. Steamed Mixed Vegetables 11.95
D2. Steamed Chicken with Broccoli 13.95
D3. Steamed Prawns with Snow Pea Pods 15.95
D4. Steamed Sliced Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 13.95
D5. Steamed Prawns with Broccoli 15.95
D6. Steamed Squid with Mixed Vegetables 15.95
D7. Steamed Squid with Broccoli 15.95
D8. Steamed Prawns, Chicken & Squid w. Mixed Vegs. 17.95
D9. Steamed Shrimps w. Carrot, Mushroom, Baby Corns & Green Peas 14.95
D10. Steamed Prawns with Mixed Vegetables 15.95